The Process

Dan was always complaining of getting a stinging sensation in his eyes whilst exercising, the hair product he was using was running out through sweat and would cause irritaion. Like most men, he never really paid alot of attention to what he was putting in his hair, just whatever his barber recommended or what was on special at the shops... Sound familiar?

After trialling brand after brand and never truly finding one that ticked all the boxes, we thought bugger it, let's do it ourselves!

We spent months researching ingredients, recipes and suppliers before landing on our formula! Each product is made by us in our home, so you can be assured every level of detail and care has gone into what you use daily!

Step 1: Ingredients arrive to us and are inspected for quality

Step 2: Each product is measured to a specific formula and added to the mix!

Step 3: The Cook-up! This is the time where we have the best smelling house in Oz!

Step 4: We ship your product usually the day after it is ordered!