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Beard Oil Sample Packs

Beard Oil Sample Packs

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A great option if you're struggling to pick your favourite oils!

You have two great options to choose from!

Sample Pack 1 - 10 x 10mL Beard Oils

Scents include: The Smokeshow (Cuban Tobacco), The Rambler (spiced rum), The Outlaw (Jimmy Choo Cologne), The Deadwood (sandalwood), The Drifter (leather & tobacco), The Rattlesnake (neutral), The Wanderer (musk sticks), The Cattleman (Joop! Homme Style), The Gunslinger (citrus & black pepper), The Bushranger (lime & mango)

Sample Pack 2 - 5 x 10mL Beard Oils

Scents include: The Rattlesnake (neutral), The Gunslinger (citrus & black pepper), The Deadwood (sandalwood), The Drifter (leather & tobacco), The Rambler (spiced rum)



The Gunslinger - Citrus & Black Pepper - A cologne style scent that turns heads

The Rambler - Spiced Rum - The subtle smell of spiced rum and a hint of cinnamon

The Drifter - Leather & Tobacco - A 'new leather smell' mixed with a warm hint of tobacco

The Deadwood - Sandalwood - A classic timber-like finish

The Rattlesnake - Neutral - For those who prefer no scent or use a beard balm

The Outlaw - Jimmy Choo Cologne - A masculine Jimmy Choo cologne

The Bushranger - Lime & Mango - Smells like citrus, sweet mango and hints of Cedarwood

The Wanderer - Musk Sticks - Smelling like your childhood favourite, with hints of citrus and honey

The Smokeshow- Cuban Tobacco - The smell of rich mahogany and hazy smoke of tobacco

The Cattleman- Joop! Homme Cologne - A classic mix of cinnamon and vanilla bean, smelling like the traditional Joop! Homme cologne

How to use

Use the dropper to extract some oil from the bottle, how much you need is dependant on the size of your beard. Work the oil through your beard with your hands or a brush, ensuring the oil reaches through to your skin.


Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Fragrance Oil

Contains traces of nuts

Store in a cool, dry place and always patch test before use

We recommend using the beard oil within 5-6 months of opening

About our Beard Oils

Our range of beard oils are packed with natural ingredients and have been designed to look after both your beard and skin. It will soften and nourish your beard, remove the dreaded beardruff, stop the flaky skin and start soothing it instead!

Take your beard care to the next level with our Australian made beard oils!

Got beard itch? Say Goodbye!

Got dry skin? Not anymore!


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All good , thank you.


Awesome product and great customer service and postage was fast.

Cheers. Brett

Kayla Allitt

Beard Oil Sample Packs